New Day Baptist Church 


James L. Hailstock Gospel Choir

The J.L.H. Choir is a group of adults who lifts up anointed voices to sing Gospel songs and hymns.

Voices of Praise

The Voices of Praise is a group of young adults that specializes in contemporary gospel and songs of praise.

Praise Team

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Praise and Worship Ministry creates an atmosphere that magnifies and exalts God and invites congregational participation.  Through adoration, devotion, and a variety of song styles including Hymns, Contemporary Praise and Worship, this ministry seeks for strongholds to be broken, minds to be freed, and all men to be drawn to God. 

Children's Choir


Male Chorus



Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry works under the mission to Worship, Evangelize, Learn, and Love. Following the teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ, the Missionary Ministry serves through programs designed to assist the needy and poor, end hunger and starvation, and provide the essential needs for basic human survival and spiritual uplifting.


Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is under the leadership of the Youth Minister and youth leaders in the church. The ministry was birthed from a need to reach young people, help them understand their relationship with God, and to tackle real-life challenges that impact youth on every level. The young people are taught various ways to express themselves creatively through music, sports, digital media, and drama. They enjoy youth explosions, conferences, retreats, sporting events, cook-outs, and community service.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry crosses generational and cultural barriers to equip believers to spread the Good News of Salvation, be victorious in leading people to Christ, and to model Christ's love and compassion for all mankind. The Evangelism Ministry will minister to the people of God through media, the internet, music, and journalism, as well as through more traditional approaches.

Children's Church


Drama Ministry

Drama is a powerful communication tool created by God. The Drama Ministry is a creative ministry that utilizes the talents of members, cultural diversity, and less traditional dramatic mediums to illustrate and bring to life the Word of God and to enhance the worship experience.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry provides van and bus transportation to and from worship services and Bible study to those in need. This ministry also transports New Day Baptist Church ministries to off-campus services and events. In addition, the Transportation Ministry provides pick-up service at local schools for attendees of the New Day After School Program, as well as well as transporting New Day Academy and Summer Enrichment students to off-campus activities.

Ladies of Excellence

The Ladies of Excellence Ministry works to encourage and empower young ladies in grades nine through college. Grounded in the Word of God, this ministry builds lasting friendships and addresses complex topics that young ladies struggle with daily, such as self-respect, self-esteem, peer pressure, decision making, good communication, and home economics. Bible study is apart of every ministry meeting. The Ladies of Excellence is a fun-filled ministry that is very active. The young ladies visit colleges, attend professional plays, youth retreats and conferences, lock-ins, and praise parties. They host the annual dessert bake-off and Father's Day Cook-out.

Daughters of Promise

The Daughters of Promise is a special ministry created specifically for elementary and middle school-aged girls. The ministry builds the foundation for developing a strong, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible lessons, role-playing, small-group activities, and games. Daughters of Promise members enjoy interacting with other girls their age, at skate parties, praise parties, plays, and during special trips such as to the Georgia Aquarium and the Young Chefs Academy. They also join their big sisters in Christ, the Ladies of Excellence, in many combined activities.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry produces Rising Sun television broadcasts, DVDs, and CDs of New Day Baptist Church worship services and special presentations hosted by the church.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Ministry informs the community, state, and nation of upcoming events at New Day Baptist Church through newspaper, radio, television, flyers, and internet communications.


Senior Ushers

The Senior Ushers are men and women of Christ who specialize in the comfort of guest and members. They exhibit Christian Stewardship that fosters spiritual growth in an environment of courtesy, love, and respect.

Senior Ministry Leaders


Our mature members, age 65 and older, inspire us through their wisdom, vitality, and compassion. Members of the senior ministry remain active and make significant contributions to the church and the community as they work to meet the spiritual and social needs of other seniors. They participate in site-seeing adventures, exercise, Christian dance, and conferences on topics such as health, finances, practical living, and turning silver into gold.

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship programs are designed to strengthen relationships within our congregation and to connect with sister churches.                  

Pastor's Aide

The Pastor's Aide ministry has a heart for service. On behalf of the congregation, this ministry supports the Pastor and his family through prayer, special projects, on special occasions, and with financial gifts. The Pastor is honored for his steadfast leadership, spiritual guidance, and unwavering commitment.

Pulpit Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry joyfully receives visitors of all generations, cultures, and backgrounds into the House of the Lord. Members of this ministry promote a joyful and friendly atmosphere of worship and praise as they cordially greet New Day visitors and members.

Sick & Shut-in

The Sick and Shut-In Ministry is a caring ministry that has been purposed to share the love of God with those who cannot physically attend worship service or who are experiencing difficult times. The members in this ministry encourage and uplift by praying for and visiting the sick and nursing home bound, calling and sending cards, and running light errands. Ministry members keep the Pastor informed of the status of the sick and shut-in members.

*Widows/Widowers Guild

This ministry is designed to offer encouragement and support to members who have suffered the loss of a spouse.

Junior Ushers

The Youth Ushers are children of God who work beautifully together to welcome visitors and members in the House of the Lord, by being courteous, respectful, and prompt. They enjoy group outings that serve to build friendships and character.

Manifested Praise

Manifested Praise expresses the joy of Christ through dance, mine, step, and the use of banners, flags, and other instruments of praise. 

Couples Ministry

The Couple's Ministry is devoted to building and renewing their commitment to God and to their spouse. The ministry members explore creative ways to enhance their marriage in such a way that glorifies God and strengthens their bond. This sociable group benefits from regular Bible Study, Couples Night Out, marital retreats, cook-outs, bowling tournaments, sporting events, and plays.

Culinary Ministry

New Day's Culinary Ministry has the responsibility of providing nourishment for God's people. This ministry offers breakfast items before morning service, coordinates the feeding of bereaved family members, and organizes church-sanctioned fellowship dinners.

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is an adult support group located at New Day Baptist Church. 

*Athletic Department

Ministries Promoting


*Credit Union


*Coffee Shop

*Rising Sun Foundation



*Special Projects


Midweek Bible Study

Equips members with a deeper knowledge of the Biblical text. The focus is to speak to the spiritual pulse(moment) of the congregation. Classes are broken down by ages.

New Members Class

The New Members Class functions as an orientation for New Members of NDBC.

Sunday School

This Sunday morning class is a Biblical survey course with topical discussions. Classes are available for children ages 2 through adults.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a fun-filled, spiritual adventure designed to teach people of all ages and backgrounds about the love of Jesus Christ. It serves to empower and encourage all to become more responsible and accountable in developing a life-long relationship with Christ.

Children's Church

Archives Ministry

Archives Ministry records historical events using digital photography and slideshows.

Newsletter Ministry

The New Day Newsletter is a printed testament to how God is working through New DayBaptist Church. The newsletter highlights church ministries, edifies members and their accomplishments, encourages involvement in the life of the church, explores health and wellness topics, and offers suggestions on ways to strengthen ones walk with Christ.

*After School Programs


*Summer Enrichment Programs

 Participating in the New Day Baptist Church Summer Enrichment Programs is the most productive and safest way for your kids to spend their summer. The summer program promises a day of fun-filled activities that enrich students academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. On campus tutoring in Reading, Writing and Math are available. Bible study comes alive as young people learn more about applying God's Word to their daily life situations. Off campus activities include skating, bowling, swimming, shopping, library and park visits.

*New Day Academy